Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This beautiful cardinal has a sad story with a happy ending. He is sitting on a wire calling for his mate.  She never came. 

It pains me to tell it. 

Mrs. Cardinal was sitting on her nest.  I would see her sitting on her delicate nest waiting patiently for her brood to hatch. As I was tending my garden on a beautiful summer afternoon, I heard a horrible commotion.  I ran over to where the ruckus was and I saw a chipmunk dragging Mrs. Cardinal down into his hole.  It was horrifying to watch.   I had never seen or had known of a chipmunk to do such a thing.  Mr. Cardinal must have been out looking for food, for I know he would have fought gallantly for her.

  About 10 minutes later he came to the nest and found her missing.   He searched all over the bush and the ground calling for her.  He would sit on the wire calling for her all day.  He did this for a few days.   She never came.  My heart ached for the little guy.

I guess this would be a time of winter for him.  As painful as this was, I knew this time of sorrow would pass.

As spring approached, I listened for his beautiful song.  Early, one morning I heard him.  His song was light.  The frantic call of that horrible summer day was gone.  He sounded refreshed.  He sounded new. 

One day, as I looked towards Mr. Cardinal singing his heart song, there by his side was a new mate.  I thrilled to know he would have a new start.  He  and the new Mrs. Cardinal were much wiser in the placement of their nest.  They had a nice healthy bunch of baby birds.  I would say about three. 

I know this is a simple picture, but it's story is full.

I am thankful that God is so good.  He even gives a new start to a simple cardinal.
What about you and me. 

How has God given you a new beginning when it looked like it was the end of your world?

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