Sunday, March 18, 2012

Voice of Triumph

This is a picture of some of my favorite flowers.  They are affectionately called "Johnny Jump Ups".  They are such delicate looking flowers, and they are so tiny, but yet, they are some of the hardiest flowers in the northeast region of New York.
To me these delicate flowers look bold, standing so straight.  It's as if they are not aware they are tiny and low to the ground.  It made me think of us as children of the Most High.  The world may not think much of us, so what, we know who we are, because, we know our Heavenly Father.  We are a hardy people.  Maybe at times we may feel small, like these beautiful flowers, but that is only because we are looking at ourselves.  Look away from yourself and look at your Heavenly Father. 

Stand tall, because, the Lord most high is a great King over all the earth and He is for us, He is on our side.  You are beautiful and hardy just like these flowers, because your God reigns over the nations

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