Friday, August 3, 2012

Claim His Promise

That verse up there, it is true.  It is for you to take.  Go ahead, claim it, expect it.  Expect good things to come your way.  I am sure many good things have already come your way.  Count them, name them one by one.
Sure, there are a few bumps in the road.  Maybe even ditches that were unexpected and hard to climb out of.  That ditch you fell in wasn't from the True God.  The fact you got out of that ditch, that was from Him.

  It is only when we forget about Him and don't expect Him to be working in our lives that things go sour.  That is not what He wants for us.  He is waiting for us to turn to Him.  He will not force himself on us.  He has given us free will.

He is really patient.

Yeah, the Lord shall give that which is good...

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  1. Chris:

    You have written well in expanding the understanding of Psalm 85. Thanks for the reminder. Good things are happening everyday.




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