Sunday, May 20, 2012


The Quiet In The Start of Spring

Nature brings a refreshing to my soul like nothing else.  It is where I commune with the Father.  It is my church.

As a young girl, I loved going on early morning walks.  There would be nothing more exciting than finding a beautiful spot near a creek or an open field where the birds would be flitting around and the deer may be grazing.  I just knew God was there. I could feel His presence.

God doesn't dwell in buildings.  He dwells in us.  Where we are, He is.  For each one of us, we can find a spot where we will be more aware of Him.  For some that spot might be the Word of God and a cup of coffee or listening to some quiet praise music or maybe on your bed before you fall to sleep or when you first wake up.  Although, I enjoy all of them, communing with the Father while enjoying nature is my personal favorite.  

There are times, I think how absolutely beautiful nature is, but then I remember this is after the fall of Adam and Eve.  What will it be like at the return?  Oh, things to ponder.  That is one for you to commune with the Father on. He does love YOUR company.

Find your place of rest and talk to Him.  He will listen.  


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