Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Power of Kindness

Canadian Geese at a local bird sanctuary

My daughters and I were at a local plant store buying the "three sisters" (corn, beans and squash) for my garden.  
While arriving back at the car, I mentioned to my daughters, "I should have grabbed a box to put the plants in."  Immediately, a voice pipes up.  "You need a box?  I will get you one."  As quick as a wink, he was gone.  Within a minute or two he was back, handing me a box for my plants. 

 I said to the gentleman, "Wow, what service, thank you, that was so kind of you, I really appreciate it"  He responded, "Ah, you just made my day.  You're very welcome.  Most people don't even notice I am here."  

After he had said that last statement, It made me think about how I actually had noticed the young men and ladies tending the plants and what a pleasant job it must be watering and pruning them. 
I enjoyed strolling trough the paths of color, with honey bees busy at their task too.
That little interlude with another human being stuck with me all week.  He was so thankful that I appreciated the service "He gave me," I made his day.  

How many moments are there that we can express sincere gratitude for something someone has done?   Not just a quick, off the cuff, thanks, but stop and from the heart express your appreciation.  It goes a long way. 

Two lessons learned.

1.  People notice more than you think.  Do your task with all diligence.
2.  Express words of gratitude to your fellow man, it goes a long way.



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