Monday, February 20, 2012

He Has Made the Summer and Winter

  I thought I would post this for all of us that are missing the snow here in the Northeast and other places.  It seems a little backwards this year.  This weekend they had a nice snowstorm down south; we are still enjoying spring like weather. I love how my husband embellished this image that I took.  You can really feel the cold. 

I have learned in my days of walking with the Lord, there is always something that I can give our God praise and thanks for.  In times of turmoil in our country, I can still see God's goodness and hand of blessing.  I think sometimes we whine too much.  Some folks pray for snow because they love it.  Maybe they want to go skiing.  Others can't stand it.  Maybe one person is praying for snow and one person is praying for the snow to go away.  Are we asking amiss?  Perhaps we should stop trying to direct God and  enjoy more of what is around us.  There is no perfection in this world, but there is a lot of evidence of God's mighty hand at work.  

In chapter 74 of Psalms, the psalmist recognizes he and his brethren are in a dire state.  Yet, he does not let the situation dominate his soul.  He instead turns and remembers and reminds God (which He seems to really like), of His goodness and times of deliverance for His people.

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